the studio


StudioWhen I was asked what I needed in a studio in order to draw and write, I answered, just one thing…natural light. I soon amended that to just two things – natural light and a cool desk. Wait, it was actually only three things, natural light, a cool desk, and many book shelves for my extensive range of research materials. Then I really I thought about it, and figured there were really only four things I needed – natural light, a cool desk, many book shelves, and a RED door. Yep, that was all I needed to get down to work. To create. Just those four things…and of course, a comfy chair, three light boxes, five lamps, scented candles, a yoga mat, a feather boa, a hand-painted wind chime from Peru, laptop, scanner, printer, enough drawing paper, and colouring pencils  to fill a swimming pool, and just the tiniest bit of floor space for me to sit…

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