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summer story storm 2013


Cover design for the kids’ stories

At the beginning of July, I ran a Summer Story Storm workshop at The Hunt Museum in Limerick for kids from 7 to 11 years old (I actually had one 6 year old who told his story through pictures only – full of colour and detail).

The kids had 2.5 hours to find a artifact in the museum to use in their story, and then to write an original piece of their own. Their work would then be bound as an individual book at the end of the session.

We did a quick-fire tour of the museum, where the kids drew and took notes on their favourite objects. Then we returned to the library where they wrote, and drew, until their little hands and brains couldn’t take any more. Even when parents arrived to pick them up, few wanted to leave.

I chatted to the kids as they wrote, and helped them out if they got stuck. They worked so hard, and produced wonderful, twisted, action packed stories. It was a great morning filled with much pencil biting and imagination stretching – a perfect morning in my book!

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