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IWC e-mentoring pilot programme 2013

In April 2013, I submitted a blurb about a children’s novel I was having difficulty finishing, in order to be chosen as part of the Irish Writers’ Centre’s pilot E-Mentoring Programme.

My blurb convinced the good people at the IWC that I was indeed in need of URGENT mentoring. And so, I submitted samples of WOOD WANDERERS – a story I had been working on for over two years – along with questions relating to my specific issues, to my mentor (a professional writer and instructor).

Over a number of weeks, I chatted with my mentor online regarding his feedback on my work. He gave me great advice, and helped me to see why I was so stuck, and suggested a few ways on how to try and get myself unstuck.

I still have a LOT of work to do, but after taking part in the programme I now feel like I can tackle the novel again. I loved the story concept I came up with, but I had become pretty jaded with the project. After the few online sessions, and one-to-one feedback, I am confident the story will no longer languish in my ‘To Do’ folder, but will now finally graduate to a final draft.

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