short stories

Sometimes my characters don’t have long stories to tell. Their tales should be read aloud, and are always accompanied by pictures.

Hero hedgehogs, ghosts, mad waxy skeletons, and misguided Christmas trees all whisper to me about their exciting adventures.


Hercules Hedgehog

Hercules Hedgehog is a superhero. Yup, that’s right, with the cape and everything.Hercules Hedgehog Cover

He’s been protecting the characters of Huffnpuff Wood from those that would disturb the peace for years, and now Allears Owl has decided it’s high time her newspaper, The HuffnPuff Times, did a big piece on this enigmatic hero, to see what makes him tick.

Allears was given an exclusive, access-all-areas pass to Hercule’s life. But little did she know that not only would she be writing about all of Hercule’s adventures, but that she’d actually end up being part of one, when Patricia Pig’s beauty salon is under attack from Larry Lupis, aka the Big Bad Wolf!

Will Hercules save the day? And, will Allears Owl, intrepid journalist, survive to publish her story?    Share


Ruby’s Christmas Wish

Ruby’s Christmas Wish

Ruby was a ghost, who hated Christmas. She hated being left alone in the museum every year, where no one gave her any presents, or asked her to sing Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.

While sulking in the basement one Christmas Eve, a horrible monster crashed through a window into her museum. The monster turned out to be a badly injured reindeer who could no longer fly.

The reindeer insisted Ruby help it to find a magical object that would help both of them to rescue Santa Claus.

But Ruby is a ghost and can’t go outside the museum without disappearing forever. Suddenly she finds herself hurtling through a huge glass window on the back of the reindeer, clutching the magical Pegasus brooch to her chest.

How will Ruby survive? Will they find Santa Claus? Why doesn’t she feel cold anymore? Share

Zombie Girl Ghost Boy

Zombie Girl

Rose the zombie girl has just killed Oliver. Now he’s a fresh new ghost boy, something Rose doesn’t need to have to deal with.

The small, very dusty museum Rose has ‘lived’ in for the past couple of hundred years is being overrun by a crazy evil skeleton called WaxFace. His real name is Sir Whiffy Armpits the Third, but Rose calls him WaxFace mainly to annoy him, but also because his skin looks like it’s trying to melt off his face. Oh, yah, and he smells too.

Before Rose has time to explain to a shell-shocked Oliver what exactly is going on, WaxFace attacks and they find themselves running through the museum galleries for their lives.

If Rose and Oliver don’t stop WaxFace, the stinking skeleton will kill them, all of the Living in the museum, even the museum itself. Share


Lonely Tree

Charlie’s sister Lucy has gone missing, and his parents don’t believe him. So he has to find her by himself.

He returns to the tree in the forest that he saw ‘eating’ his sister, and finds himself falling into a world of scratchy pine needles and eerie echoes.

Charlie finds his sister, but she is no longer a human child. She has been changed into a Christmas tree decoration, along with lots of other kids.

Will Charlie escape the Tree’s clutches before he is changed too? Will he rescue his sister, and all of the others before it’s too late? Share

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All images & text © Julianna O’Callaghan