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There are other characters who don’t approve of lots of words and scribbles. They insist that I tell their stories using pictures…with lots of colour.

A small determined blue elephant, two inquisitive daschund brothers, and a little girl called Sophie have described their worlds to me in great detail, and stuck around until they were sure my drawings were up to scratch.


Baby Blu, thank you!

The Blu family of elephants are off on their annual walking holiday.Col Draw 3: "I'm marooned!"

Baby Blu, the smallest of her four brothers, is very excited. She’s decided she wants to wear her superhero costume. But her brothers laugh at her, ‘Don’t be silly! You can’t be a superhero.You’re too small!’

Baby Blu shrugs and does what she likes to do best.

As the family travel through forest and deserts, around lakes and over mountains, they come across many animals that need help. 

Despite her small size, Baby Blu is the one who comes to the rescue, much to the delight of the animals stuck in some very sticky situations.Share


Sophie’s Balloon (Sophie’s Balún)

Sophie's Balloon

Sophie and Mr Fizz are best friends.

They do everything together, get dressed in the morning, have their favourite breakfast, and always find the time to go on amazing adventures.

One day Sophie comes home from school to discover Mr Fizz is gone.

What is going to do without her best friend?

Then dad comes up with a good idea to help her find him… (Sophie’s story has also been translated into Irish) Share

Wagtail Investigations

The Mystery of the One Clown ShoeWagtails

Sycamore and Spot are very curious dogs.

They live by the sea, where every day there is a new mystery to be solved.

The Wagtails find one clown shoe in the mud, and must figure out where the other is.

The mystery takes them across country to a circus, where they investigate every kind of paw, claw, and hoof.

Will they find the match in time? Share

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All images & text © Julianna O’Callaghan