Here are a few extracts from my children’s novels…all of which follow the enthralling adventures of amazing characters as they stumble across old family secrets – both good and bad – battle against bloodthirsty cows, manic cave-dwellers, an evil fungus, and Jerm, while discovering they can do just about anything they put their minds to.

Plain Boring

1900. Paris.BoringFamTree Lord Louis Lottacash, and the extraordinary Parisian taxidermist Cécile Stuffét, create a formula that brings dead tissue back to life. When Cécile is killed by her first human revival, Rosalie, Louis realises the terrible mistake they have made. After burying Cécile in an underground cave, he takes her notebook (containing the secret formula), and the now ‘sleeping’ Rosalie, back to England. Upon his death, he decrees that his mansion be shut to the world for 100 years, guaranteeing the nightmare die with him.

2000. Grimmtown. Plain Boring has just been orphaned. The only family connection he has left now lies in Lottacash Mansion — once owned by his great grandfather. He runs away from his foster parents, to find his ancestor’s mansion is under renovation, having been shut up for over 100 years. Plain breaks in, and finds himself being attacked by a lunatic who climbs walls like a pale spider-man, rescued by a living-dead frog called Coco Chanel, and is now locked in a deadly game of cat and Rat.

Will he be able to stop his great grandfather’s formula from falling into the wrong hands, before it’s to late? And maybe even bring his parents back to life? Share

Madeira Spunge

percy cow

Pernickety Pinche and her disgusting pet Percy the Bloodthirsty Cow are greedy for money, and will do what ever it takes to get their hands on the secret Spunge Family recipes. They have killed Mr and Mrs Spunge, and sealed Madeira inside Pinche Manor, with threats to her life if she doesn’t give them the recipes.

Help arrives in the form of a creature who calls himself Ragus. Using a piece of odd tasting fudge, they manage to escape from Pinche Manor and return to Madeira’s home, the Spunge Bakery. It is here that Ragus takes Madeira up the secret spiral staircase at the back of the bakery, and introduces her to the other 346 Crumbkins of Crumpet Place. He shows her how to use the magical Muffin Map to find her parents. But just as she is about to travel through it, the Pinches turn up and they want the recipes…

Will Madeira find her parents and save her new friends from being eaten alive by Percy? Or, will the Pinches destroy the Spunge Bakery, and take away everything Madeira loves? Share

Wood Wanderers

Wood Wanderers

Cran (short for Cranberry) Oaker is a twelve year old girl who has just been told that her missing mum is one of the top Wood Wanderers in the world. Not only was Cran unaware of this, she has absolutely no clue what a Wood Wanderer is, and doesn’t know whether to trust Veronica Lichen – the suited stranger sitting in her living room demanding Cran jump in her car and take a ride to a secret location to find out the rest of the story.

Cran wants to find her mother, and maybe even her father who ‘left’ the family years earlier. And the only way to do that is to trust the Lichen woman and go to the Forestry Department.

There a whole new world of magical forest creatures called Bracken opens up to Cran. Over time, the Bracken and Wanderers have worked in harmony, combining magic and techonology to protect the woods. But now high ranking Wanderers are disappearing, and the Bracken are terrified. The Forestry Department suspect the evil fungus Agaric, but they haven’t been able to figure out what he wants. The department insists Cran has the power to help them – she has no idea what they think she can do. But she is determined to find her mother before it’s too late.

Cran soon discovers she has powerful magic hidden within her, and that her name, which has always embarrassed her all her life, is the most powerful thing she possesses. Share


Screw this! Jack has had enough. He’s sick s*@t of his parents harping on about exams and his future. His crappy part-time job at Fred’s Fried Chicken House. But most of all, he’s sick of every girl he’s ever looked at snorting down her nose at him. He wants out.

Out of the blue, Jerm turns up and offers him the ultimate way out, through Hellhole. The only catch: Jack must forget everything and everyone he knows. No problem, sounds like heaven. But it’s just the opposite.

Dark days follow Jack and his new best buddy in Hellhole. Torture and torment lie around every corner as Jack helps Jerm ‘recruit’ suitable souls for his army.

When Jack becomes surplus to requirements, he has to run for his life, lost and desperate, until he meets Sugar – the one-handed girl of his dreams. Together they fight to save each other from Jerm and his mind bleaching soldiers. They fight to remember… Share 

All images & text © Julianna O’Callaghan