creative writing & illustrating workshop 2013


Heroes and villains action scene: characters ALL created by kids attending the workshops

Second item on the agenda this year so far: Creative Writing and Illustration workshops for children. I run these workshops as part of my Writer-in-Residence programme at The Hunt Museum in Limerick.

This is my second year as W-in-R at The Hunt, and the whole experience has been amazing. The kids’ enthusiasm and dedication to their stories makes running the workshops a dream for me.

We start off by looking for inspiration amongst the hundreds of artifacts in the museum’s eclectic collection. Every drawing, and word created in the workshops are recorded in the kids’ notebooks. These notebooks act as a record of progress and inspiration through the 4 Saturday sessions.

The kids are encouraged to create story characters through group discussions. We investigate story setting by experiencing and describing the external and internal environment. The kids draw scenes from their stories, as well as completing finished chapters for a final reading session held in the museum on the last day.

I don’t know about the kids, but I certainly have a blast at every workshop, but my favourite part, without a doubt, is when the kids read and critique each other’s work. I can see their confidence grow, and they come away wanting to write more.


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