the great (apparently) button bridge


The Great Button Bridge (apparently)

So this is the Great Button Bridge. And, what exactly is soooo special about this bridge?

Well, it’s a bridge because it connects your unsatisfactory world, to my world via the island of Mixed Bag.

And, it is made of buttons, which rather annoyingly *pop* every time you walk on them. That’s right *pop* and *ping* off into oblivion. Ridiculous!

As for ‘Great’, it’s those disgusting Baggles that think it’s great — this link between worlds. They like to go on adventures they say. They like to meet humans they say. Bah! I say. There is nothing more exciting or satisfying than staying exactly where you are. That way you are safe from bumping into humans, or Baggles, or any other inferior creature.



* Note from Julianna : Witchomena insists I sign off her posts , so you don’t confuse her words with mine

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Witchomena’s wonderful world


Granted this is not the best picture of me, but it will have to do for now. So, I suppose I should introduce myself (even though introductions should not be necessary).

I am Witchomena, the island of Mixed Bag’s ONE and ONLY witch. Knowing how drab and dreary your lives are, I have decided to write this bloggy thing to tell you about MY life – which is much more interesting.

I have instructed the rather annoying so-called writer, Julianna, to translate the exquisite details of my life into computer speak (at least I have found some use for her) for you peruse and enjoy.

Myself and my six-legged familiar Lettuce, will whisk you away to another world. A world of magic, and Chocolate Mines. A world populated by the Baggles – rather simple-minded creatures that carry a spare leg in a fake hump on their backs in case of emergencies – have you ever heard anything so ridiculous? A world connected to yours by the Great Button Bridge. A world infinitely more important and exciting than your own, merely because I inhabit it.

I have also decided to impart much of my Witch Wisdom on you (because I think you ought to know this kind of stuff). Through the ages,  witches from all over the world have looked to me to solve their problems and profusions. Not wanting to actually meet any of them in person, Julianna has suggested that I use this tinternet to help them, help themselves. My gift to Witchkind as it were.

So read on, dear warts. You never know, you might learn something.

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